Hamilton Reached The Formula 1 Olympus – Caleb Omotunde

The day has come! Lewis Hamilton confirmed his sixth F1 World Championship on Sunday afternoon (3rd) in Austin. The British needed just 4 points to secure the title, but he went well beyond, leading until the final laps and sold hard the victory to Valtteri Bottas. The second place was enough for Hamilton to scream her lungs out the championship victory.

caleb omotunde

The story was about to be written, everyone knew. Lewis Hamilton started in fifth on the grid, ready to seal the achievement of an incredible sixth world championship. In his 13th season at Formula 1, the pilot has inscribed his name among the immortals of all sport as a six-time Formula One world champion surpassing Juan Manuel Fangio, and Sir Jackie Stewart. He is only one title behind the superstar Michael Schumacher (7).

The US GP organization even reserved a place for Hamilton to park his car in case of victory,  just ahead of the podium in Austin. The scene was set for the big party of one of the greatest riders of all time.


The first lap of the race was sensational. Valtteri Bottas pulled very well and kept pole. Verstappen took advantage of the cleaner track and overtook Sebastian Vettel’s Ferrari and jumped to second. Afterward, Hamilton made an incredible overtaking maneuver, advancing to third.

During the race, Hamilton took the lead with the Verstappen and Bottas pit-stops and was looking to stretch his stint to make a one-stop strategy. However, he could not withstand the pressure imposed by Bottas, who overtook and took the lead on lap 53, leaving for the victory in Austin. After 56 laps Bottas confirmed a big win after starting on pole. But the biggest party was Lewis Hamilton, the new six-time F1 world champion.